Sunday, June 17, 2007

Upload audio only mov

This did not work either. Looks like you need a video track.

upload mp3 test

mp3 upload test does not work

Test upload of mp4 file

Could not upload mp4 file

Upload wav file test

This is a 22.05 KHz mono 16 bit wav file, audio only, 1.7 MB original.
Could not upload wav

Saturday, June 16, 2007

QT Video from

This is an mpeg4 movie encoded using H.264, 29.97 fps, video rate 400 kbps, audio AAC (mp4)32kbps mono, movie 1:10 minutes long.
Thanks to Eric Archer for the test.

It was uploaded to, and the above embed code automatically generated.
By the way, this is one of my "codec killer" movies, lots of motion, original DV artifacts, lots of color. Almost impossible to get it visually lossless.

Same video uploaded to Blogger in Draft

The movie has been converted to Flash, but the MPEG4 quality is considerably better.